Kia Ora,

We have some amazing member's specials at the Harbour Co-op this month:


  • August is Kiwiherb Month at The Harbour Co-Op!

With Winter well and truly set-in, now is a perfect time to showcase one of our favourite companies, Kiwiherb. Kiwiherb make premium quality therapeutic herbal medicines for all ages, right here in Aotearoa. They are committed to using New-Zealand grown, organically grown herbs in their formulas, and much of the range is Bio-Gro certified or contains certified organic herbs. Not only are the medicines 100% natural, they are developed by experienced medical herbalists to be extremely effective.

Kiwiherb are keen to support The Harbour Co-op, and have generously offered us some super specials for the entire month of August. All Kiwiherb Echinature®, Winterguard, De-Stuff, Herbal Throat Spray, and other selected items are a huge 20% off, AND all Kiwiherb products purchased put you in the draw to win a lovely mega prize pack of Kiwiherb Goodies valued at $200! See in-store for more details.

Medical Herbalist Asti Renaut will also be here in the shop on Friday 10th August from 1pm to provide tastings of the Kiwiherb formulas and offer any advice you might need about your health concerns and winter ailments.


Kiwiherb Echinature® & Winterguard

Most of you will know the amazing immune supporting powers of Echinacea, and Kiwiherb have a NZ-grown, certified organic Echinacea root liquid with active Manuka Honey called Echinature®. The active constituents in Echinacea are the alkylamides, these are what boost your immune system and also what makes your tongue tingle. Remember that a tingling tongue is the sign of good quality Echinacea! WinterGuard is a favourite with herbalists, staff and customers alike for providing immune support through winter (just ask Tracey!). It contains Echinacea, Olive leaf and respiratory herbs to keep the bugs at bay.


De-Stuff & Herbal Throat Spray

Kiwiherb De-Stuff is the tonic to go for if you have any congestion in the nose or sinuses, and Throat Spray is everyone's best pocket companion for first line defence against sore throats. Some of you will remember Hadassah who used to work here and sing with The Eastern; she tells a great story about Kiwiherb Throat Spray saving the day when the band was supporting Fleetwood Mac in Wellington and she woke up with a sore throat!


Kiwiherb Children's Range

Kiwiherb make an awesome range of products just for children, including a Children's Echinature® to keep the bugs at bay, and De-Stuff for Kids, which deals with any blockages or catarrh in the ears, nose or sinuses. They taste delicious and are sweetened with a combination of organic apple juice concentrate, rice syrup, and natural flavours. They can be taken straight or dliuted, and we continue to get great feedback that kids not only like taking them but get good therapeutic results with them too. One of the best things about these products is that they can be taken right from newborn babies through to older kids.


  • On those cold rainy days, you can’t beat a hot bowl of soup. We are offering the following delicious Naked Locals Soups for $5.99 each (normally $6.99 each):

- Ashburton Baby Pea and Rocket Soup with mint and crème frache.

- Gisbourne Tomato Soup with Basil pesto and fresh cream.

- Kaipara Kumara Soup with Caramelised Onion and Sour Cream.


  • To go with your soup, try some de Brood Bakkar’s Half Baked Bread at 10% off.

If you haven’t tried this bread before you are in for a treat. De Brood’s is a family owned artisan bakery, producing hand crafted baguettes using organically grown wheat. Put it in the oven, and have fresh bread in minutes.


  • All Chantal Peanut Butter 5% off


  • All Ceres Canned Beans 5% off


  • All Ecostore Laundry Products 10% off


  • Waiheke Herb Spread 10% off

Waiheke Herb Spread is a unique blend of fresh herbs, carefully selected for their culinary and traditional healing qualities. It is a delicious addition to a wide variety of everyday meals and contains many essential vitamins and minerals, anti-oxidants and fibre. Give it a try, it's delicious!


  • NZ Rose Apples $2.99/kg (normally $3.40/kg)


  • Grey/Crown Pumpkins $4.00/kg (normally $4.50/kg)


  • Leeks 10% off


And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, make sure you take advantage of the current Weleda specials:

  • Free Lip Balm with every purchase of Weleda Cough Syrup while stocks last.
  • Weleda Skin Food 10% off while stocks last.


Ka kite ano,

The Harbour Co-op Team