December Specials for Harbour Co-op Members

It’s December already and Christmas is less than a month away! We have another great selection of specials this month: a lot of essential items and a few ideas for Christmas as well.

  • 20% OFF all Tui Balmes and Waxes. Also, in support of the Harbour Co-op, Tui is giving away a wonderful gift box. Every purchase of a Tui product in December will put you in the prize draw.
  • 10% OFF all Books (excl. ‘The Shaken Heart’)
  • Retro Organics Milk: 1L was $4.50 now $4.20 and 2L was $6.50, now $6.20
  • Bulk Organic Cashews: normally $29.20/Kg, now $27.99/Kg
  • Bulk Organic Dried Apricots: normally $19.80/Kg, now $17.99/Kg
  • Chantal Tomato Paste 200g: normally $3.40, now $2.99

  • Bulk Organic Brown Rice (Medium grain, long grain and jasmine):10% OFF
  • Ontap Organic Olive Oil: normally $17/Kg, now $16/Kg
  • Bulk Marrowfat Peas from Wyenova Organic Farm: normally $9.00/Kg, now $7.50/Kg
  • Natures Path Eco Pack Cereals (Corn Flakes, Heritage Flakes and Millet Rice Flakes): normally $19.99, now $18.99
  • 10% OFF Mountain Valley Active 5+ Manuka Honey.
  • 10% OFF Weleda’s New Body Lotion 200ml (includes Wild Rose, Citrus and Sea Buckthorn).

  • 10% OFF all ARTEMIS Herbal Teas and creams: Artemis did not come into the shop until late November so we decided to extend November’s special into December.

  • ARTEMIS is one of New Zealand's leading natural health companies, offering a certified organic, professional strength natural health care range which is fast and effective. ARTEMIS products are designed to address common health complaints and aid self-care. Products are made in New Zealand from prime, fresh, organic & wildcrafted herbs without any nasties added.

  • FRUIT & VEG SPECIALS: (These are subject to availability, and may vary during the month)
    • Organic Lemons: normally $6.30/Kg, now $5.80/Kg
    • Avoca Valley Organic Lettuce: normally $3.80 each, now $3.50
    • Organic Kiwifruit: normally $3.50/kg now $3.20/Kg

Finally, for those who are keen to voice any ideas about the shop and be part of discussions on future directions of your Co-op, come along to the next shareholder meeting at Naval Point on Sunday 9th December at 4pm. Please be advised that the shop will close early that day at 3:30pm to allow all of our staff to attend.

See you soon,

The Harbour Co-op Team.