Introducing the Harbour Co-op Buying Club

Supporting the local production of safe and healthy food is paramount to the Harbour Co-op’s mission. We will always give preference to quality products that are made or grown in as close a proximity to the shop as possible. But with that being said, we do recognise the reality of our dependence on imported goods in order to offer the extensive selection that our customers demand. So, in order to achieve our vision of “providing for the well-being of our members and their environment” and to “make high quality, ethically produced, ecologically sound and reasonably priced goods and services available to our members,” we are excited to introduce the Harbour Co-op Buying Club.

The concept of a Buying Club is simple: a group of people order and pre-pay for case lots of goods (ie. 12 cartons of rice milks or 6 bottles of juice boxed for shipping). This order is then placed collectively with a wholesaler, and once the goods arrive, the ‘Club Members’ receive their goods. We have found an excellent overseas wholesaler with a vast catalogue, hugely competitive prices, and an outstanding ethical reputation. Our first offers of the buying club will be through this distributor so that we may build up volume and successively increase our price advantage.

So how does it work? Well, every month the Co-op will produce a list of Buying Club specials. This will be distributed as a spread sheet via email, website, and Facebook links. There will also be several in-store copies of the list that can be borrowed or used in the shop. Individuals or groups will then fill out a Buying Club form (also available via the above methods) and indicate what items they would like to order. These goods will then need to be pre-paid by the monthly deadline – usually near the end of the month. We anticipate that goods may take 4-6 weeks after the full order is placed to arrive in the shop, though we will know with greater clarity after we have gone through the process a couple of times.

Please note that the Buying Club is open to both Members and Non-members of the Co-op, though the latter have a clear price advantage as part of their member benefits. We feel that inviting the rest of the community in will give us greater strength and help demonstrate to those who haven’t yet joined, the advantages of co-operative thinking.

Take some time and look over this month’s list to see if there is anything that you, your family, or friends regularly purchase that you might be able to save a considerable amount on by participating in the Buying Club. Please go to our website and follow the links if you’d like to find out more about some of the great new products that we are offering. Also, if there are other products which you would consider purchasing in bulk, please let us know so that we may include them in future monthly specials.

Remember: together we can accomplish what we could not possibly achieve on our own.

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