Buying Club - Back to Basics - June Specials

The feedback that we received from our first Buying Club selection was that you wanted more basic food items which you and your family use regularly. 

So we approached one of our key suppliers and negotiated some great deals on some basic grocery items.  The list is less than a page this time around - but hopefully you will find something that makes sense for you. 

If not... once again, please let us know what you're looking for and we'll do our best to find a good deal. Remember, this is all about working and saving together, so if you don't think you can quite manage a whole case of soy milk or sack of oats by yourself - talk to your friends and go in together.

Deadline is June 28th.

When we all pitch in, we all win.

See our complete Buying Club June grocery list.

Buying Club Form here - this time around you can leave out the first two columns (item#, brand)

- The Harbour Co-op Team