July Specials for Harbour Co-op Members

Hello Everyone! We have passed the solstice, had a wonderful Festival of Lights, and this week has been unusually warm – hopefully the plants don’t get too confused!  Just a reminder, if you don’t know about the Buying Club please check out www.harbourcoop.co.nz.  Also, with the new Tiered Pricing System, members who are doing regular shopping at the Co-op are making significant savings on their food bill.  Remember - the more you shop, the more you save.  And on top of that we also have the following July featured product specials!!!

  • SOLGAR VM2000 (60 capsules) – 20% OFF.

This is one of the best high potency multivitamin and mineral retail formulations available with an amino acid and plant base and rich in antioxidants.  This will be an ongoing special that Solgar have agreed to support the Co-op with.  Thanks Solgar.

  • LIFE FOODS: 10% OFF.

This is a new product range in the Co-op, from a Christchurch company.  Life Foods is a Christchurch based company that is passionate about health and believes that true health comes from eating a diet that is nutrient dense from food that has had minimal processing, to ensure it retains its goodness.  A diet that has an abundance of raw super foods is essential, as it's a sure fire way to boost your immune system and to give you an abundance of energy. It's amazing how much difference eating 'real food' makes to a person’s general well being.  Look in the Co-op for Life Foods Organic Raw Cacao Powder, Cacao Berry Crunch, Organic Maca Powder, Organic Lucuma Powder, Organic Camu Powder, Organic Cacao Butter. Organic Spirulina Powder, and my personal favourite, the Super Food Smoothie, a delicious blend of cacao powder, maca, mesquite and lucuma.

life foods

  • WELEDA BABY – 10% OFF:

Baby Care Gift Pack, Colic Powder, Teething Powder, Nipple Care Cream, Calendula Nappy Cream and Calendula Lotion 200ml.

Like most people’s passion for great coffee, Switch Espresso began with an addiction. This addiction led Hamish Evans across the globe to explore some of the world’s most notable espresso hot-spots, from Italy’s vibrant café culture to the fertile slopes of India’s coffee farms. After his overseas espresso experience, Hamish returned to Christchurch in 2006 to combine his wealth of industry knowledge and his passion for great coffee. The result: a boutique roastery specialising in 100% fair trade and organic coffee.  Try it!


  • NATRACARE Tampons – 5% OFF Non- Applicator Tampons, Regular, Super, and Super
  • BULK Chickpeas – 10% OFF

Aroha's family of cordials bring you traditional flavours with four interesting characteristics: Sweet, Sour, Tarty, and Spicy. Each cordial is made from natural fruit, roots or flowers, which are picked ripe and processed fresh.  Each 500ml bottle makes up around 4 1/2 litres of drink (depending on how you like it of course).  No artificial colours, sweeteners, preservatives or flavouring. 100% pure and natural. Aroha. Made with Love.


  • MAKE IT RAW – Spiced Apple Grawnola – 10% OFF
  • TRADE AID Baking Cocoa 200gm – 10% OFF
  • LITTLE BIRD Macaroons 10% OFF.

Little Bird is another wonderful NZ company founded by Megan and Jeremy.  They believe our food should not only taste amazing, it should make you feel amazing too. And there are plenty of people who say it does! Raw foods naturally provide an abundance of nutrients that will make every cell in your body sparkle. A little birdie really did whisper in Megan’s ear that the best food is simply raw, organic and full of the good stuff. Try it and see for yourself.

little bird

  • MITOKU – 10% 0FF all Miso pastes, Instant Miso Soups, and Black Sesame Rice Cakes.

mit misomiso soup

Mitoku's motto is "Food Is Medicine”, and it’s producers are long-established Japanese family enterprises who closely follow the traditional manufacturing techniques of their ancestors, with an integrity and consciousness that is rare in present day food processing.  Touted for centuries as a folk remedy for weak digestion, cancer, radiation sickness, tobacco poisoning, acidic conditions, and several types of intestinal infections, miso's reputation as one of nature's most healing foods is being confirmed by modern medical science. These studies show what folk healers have known for centuries. It is not any one particular component of miso that makes it such an effective healing food, but rather a complex combination of ingredients and a unique double fermentation process that transforms soybeans and grains into a potent medicine.  And it’s delicious!

  • CERES Coconut Oil – 10% OFF: Virgin Cold Pressed and High Heat 200gm.
  • BEAN SUPREME Marinated Tofu – 10% OFF.

See you soon, The Harbour Co-op Team.