Special thanks to our Volunteers!!!

We just wanted to take a quick moment to say thanks to those incredible folks who have come in over the last few months and made such a huge difference to the running of the shop.  We've now had 20 fantastic people who have given some of their time in the shop - most have regular hours - between 1-4 per week - others fill in when needed.  On average, our volunteers are contributing nearly 30 hours per week!! This goes a long way to keeping products on the shelf and the whole operation ticking along.  Jobs include: repacking bulk items, stocking shelves, checking dates, filling up containers, receiving goods, cleaning and even serving customers... But there is still room for more people, energy and skills.  Do you have artistic inclinations and are handy with chalk or paint? Do you have tasty recipes or nutritional tidbits that you'd love to share with everyone? Keen to organise workshops, events or tours to our growers and producers? Are you a networker who loves to connect and communicate with others?  Do you love research and always on the lookout for new products? Get in touch and let's find some ways that you can contribute that aren't necessarily in the shop during business hours. As always, we say thank you to our volunteers in a number of ways including 20% off a nominated purchase of up to $200 for every 2 hours worked. The Co-op is an awesome place to hang out and work, but don't take our word for it - our volunteers have said: "Volunteering for the Co-op helps to advance the cause of organics - I feel I'm involved, doing my bit for the community also.  I like the pleasant, relaxed atmosphere of the shop". "I want this business to succeed, both financially, and in educating the public to healthy food and other products. And it’s also good to work among people, both paid and volunteers, who are generous with their efforts and so pleasant to work with. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming and appreciative." "Of course, earning a discount on purchases, based on the hours worked, is also an incentive, and very worthwhile!  It’s great to be getting healthy products at a healthy discount." Thanks again to: Juliet, Faye, Chris, Bettina, Cliff, Helen, Keith, Jenny, Jacinda, Ruby, Skye, Christy, Lisa, Gerard, Philip, Jodi, Alison, Robyn, Charlie, and Alyssa And of course we are very grateful for the generous contributions of our Board members: Dana, Doug, Jenny and Nina. As always, when we work together we can accomplish things that we couldn't possibly achieve on our own.  A Co-op is only as strong as the participation of its members... What's next for OUR Co-op? All the best, The Harbour Co-op Team