Harbour Co-op 2014-2015 Annual Reports

Harbour Co-op’s third annual AGM

Sunday, 27 September 2015, at Roots Restaurant, 8 London Street, Lyttelton

Present: Margaret Jeffries, Julia Hefner, Tracey Bradley, Dana Dopleach, Juliet Neill, Helen Gunn, Doug Jenkinson, Christy Martin

Apologies: Keith Gunn, Lillee Star, Cathy, and many others by proxy/voting papers

Owners’ round - Name, connection to the Harbour Co-op


Annual Financial report - Presented by Doug Jenkinson, Director of Finance

Harbour Co-op
Financial Statement and Audit report
for 2014-2015 Financial Year

Click here (or the title above) to download the 20 page financial statement and audit report for our third year.



Item 1: To receive the Annual Report including the financial statements and the Audit Report for the year ended 31st March 2015

Resolution to be put: That the Annual Report for the year ended 31st March 2015 be received.

Raised by Tracey, Seconded by Margaret

Item 2: To fix the Auditor’s Remuneration

Resolution: to be put: That the auditors, PKF Goldsmith Fox, continue in office and that the directors be authorised to fix their remuneration.

Raised by Helen, Seconded by Juliet

Item 3: To elect Director

In accordance with the Company’s Constitution, Brian Rick offers himself as a director.

The Board is recommending that Brian Rick be elected a director.

Resolution to be put: That Brian Rick be elected as a director of the Harbour Co-op Limited. (See Explanatory Notes for profile)

Raised by Margaret, Seconded by Tracey

Item 4: To elect Director

In accordance with the Company’s Constitution, Andrew Scott offers himself as a director.

The Board is recommending that Andrew Scott be elected as a director.

Resolution to be put: That Andrew Scott be elected as a director of the Harbour Co-op Limited. (See Explanatory Notes for profile)

Raised by Julia, Seconded by Dana

Chair of the Board report - Dana Dopleach


It was a year of researching and designing our future resilience, and building a strong team in preparation for the challenges and opportunities of this current year.


Changes in the Market and our resilience setup

  • New local supermarkets - August & April of 2014 saw the opening of the Lyttelton supermarket, and the Ferrymead Countdown.  New food-scape in our local area.

  • eCommerce website structure & design set up

  • New logo by the team at ThinkRoom - a design firm with a strong social/environmental conscience.  More of an established look to the new branding.  Great base for cards / posters, shop decorations, etc.


  • He aha te mea nui o te ao?  He tangata, he tangata, he tangata.  
    What is the most important thing in life?  It’s people, it’s people, it’s people.

  • Brian, Judith & Tracey - all our founders are leaving their operational positions

    • How to prepare for such a massive company change?  

      • Define, Document, Build the new team

Realms of responsibility - Finances, People, Assets

  • Finances

    • Completion of the purchase of the company assets from Piko. Lyttelton now fully owns its own health food store and controls its own destiny!

    • Writing & documenting procedures into a comprehensive office procedure manual.

    • Co-op structure expenses - Researched Audit options throughout the country - we have the best one for our needs and budget.

    • Computer systems review and cleaning the van for sale to pay for a new system.

    • Xero - TotalPOS integration requests.  Still not ready, but we’ve been consistent in asking for this to be completed at TotalPos.  It would greatly reduce our data-entry.

    • Organizing direct swaps of shares for owners who have moved away from Lyttelton and want to sell their shares, with those who want to purchase new shares.  This process saves many hours of preparing legal accounting reports.

  • People

    • Staff

      • Operations sheets - Daily / Weekly / Monthly

      • Roles & responsibilities - ID, then split out

      • Huge changes in this area - still looking for new team members

    • Volunteers

      • How to let customers know we are volunteers & not staff

      • Keeping the volunteer handbook up to date

      • Welcoming new volunteers

      • Ideas for a volunteer membership - is this wanted?

    • Owners

      • Flat pricing - Owner always get a discount now when they shop.

      • Pricing labels on shelf in durable pricing strips - easy stocking, visible ownership benefits.

      • Regular newsletters with member specials & new product lines

    • Board members news

      • New board members, new titles, news:

        • Andrew Scott - legal expertise - joins us by SKYPE from Scotland - EQC refugee until November - can’t wait to have him back in Lyttelton

        • Tracey Bradley - Employee representative - will miss her greatly!

        • Simon Courtney - Deputy Chair

        • Doug Jenkinson - Director of Finance - joins us by SKYPE from England

        • Brian & Judith - Now join us by SKYPE from the USA

        • An incredible level of dedication from everyone for which we are all very thankful

      • Looking for more board members - anyone interested?  See me afterwards.

  • Assets: Our building / Our home / Our product

    • Business development opportunities researched

      • Cafe requirements

      • CSA program options in the harbour basin

      • Building expansion - Steps identified & quantified where possible.

        • $50,000 renovations needed (estimated before EQC repairs)

        • Change of use consent

        • Increased rent & new tenant responsibilities

        • Insurance issues that need sorting

        • Lots of investment into a building that isn’t ours - we won’t own the upgrades.  Should we buy the building?  Can we buy the building?

        • Lots to move when the repairs are done to the building - poor timing?

    • Stock analysed item by item

      • For sales, margin, turn rate, etc. to assure we have the best offerings for our owners and customers.

    • Display opportunities

      • There are a huge number of improvements that can be made to the shop to make it easier to run and easier for shoppers, as well as improve the overall look of the place.  I’ll leave the details of that project to Lillee.

We have an exciting summer ahead of us, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts & ideas, and to seeing you all helping make our future a bright one, be it by doing your grocery shopping at the Co-op, helping volunteer on a regular basis, volunteering for individual projects, joining the board and helping advise and drive the future direction of the business, and any other ways you see yourself enjoying being part of our beautiful Lyttelton co-op.


Future plans for the shop’s layout & building options - Lillee

Lillee was ill and couldn’t come to show us her drawings.  If you are keen to see some great ideas in sketch form, ask her next time you are in the shop.  You could even help her make some of the suggestions a reality!


Director’s Report - Brian Rick as read by Tracey Bradley

The Co-op is a living entity which continues to evolve and change.  Over the last three years it has seen many new faces breathe life into it and alter its direction.  And now, some of the core contributors to this process have or will soon be stepping away and it is exciting to think about what new energy is filling the spaces left behind.

The Co-op has seen its share of challenges and triumphs while it adapts to ever shifting demands and opportunities.  And ahead there are still so many incredible possibilities for what the Co-op could be.  Some of us have shared our ideas and dreams over the years, but there are countless others yet to be revealed.  I hope we never stop striving to find ways to be better – to offer more for our community – while creating improved sustainability and resilience.

The Co-op is a sum of its many parts, wherein it possesses its greatest strength.  It grows with every new member, every new customer, and every new employee.  There are so many untapped talents and passions among us that could potentially be of enduring benefit to the whole.  I encourage us all to look deeply at what we have to offer and attempt to make some lasting positive difference to OUR Harbour Co-op.

Thank you everyone for coming today!