ZEN Coconut Sugar 1kg

Brand: Zenian

Product Description

This comes from the coconut palm. The nectar is dried into a granulated brown sugar. It is a great alternative to the over processed sweeteners in traditional markets. Can be used in combination with other sweeteners.

Coconut sugar is made through the gradual boiling and resultant evaporation of 100% pure coconut nectar from the coconut tree flowers coco nucifera (not the palm that produces palm oil) until it has become granular.  Flower sap is harvested every 6 hours, and no anti-fermentation agents are used during or after the evaporation process.

Coconut palm Sugars produce slow release energy, which sustains the human body through daily activities without regular sugar “highs”, and “lows”.  It is naturally low on the Glycemic Index (GI) with a rating of GI 35, which has benefits for weight control and improving glucose and lipid levels in people with diabetes (type 1 and type 2).  For comparison, most commercial Agaves are GI 42, Honeys are GI 55 and Cane Sugars are GI 68.

The major component of coconut sugar is sucrose (70-79%) followed by glucose and fructose (3-9%) each.  Minor variations will occur, due to differences in primary processing, raw material source, tree age and variety of coconut.

Coconut palm sugar has a nutritional content far richer than all other commercially available sweeteners. It is especially high in Potassium, Magnesium, Zinc and Iron and is a natural source of the vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and C.  It’s also very rich in other minerals and enzymes which aid in the slow absorption into the bloodstream.

Our Coconut Sugar comes from the Philippines; however, this awesome video explains what organic Coconut sugar is, why it's awesome, and how it's made.  Enjoy!



Nutritional Information

Composition and health benefits
Coconut sugar has high mineral content, a rich source of potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron. In addition to this it contains vitamin B1, B2, B3 and B6. When compared to brown sugar, coconut sugar has twice the iron, four times the magnesium and over 10 times the amount of zinc.

The coconut sap which coconut sugar is derived from contains 16 amino acids. The amino acid which has the highest content in coconut sap is Glutamine.

Glutamine has been studied extensively over the past 10–15 years and has been shown to be useful in the treatment of serious illnesses, injury, trauma, burns, and treatment-related-side-effects of cancer as well as in wound healing for post-operative patients. It is known to reduce healing time after operations. It is essential in states of illness or injury even requiring intake.

Coconut sugar is also rich in vitamins. Inositol has the highest amount of all the vitamins found in the coconut sap. Among the reported benefits of inositol in clinical settings are a reduction in the need for pain medication when patients are given inositol, a reduction of edema in treatment of scald burns, and in relieving the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy.

Because of its beneficial effects on the central nervous system and its role in the development of healthy cells, Inositol is recommended as a treatment for anxiety, depression, bipolar mood disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and panic disorders.

In addition, there is evidence to suggest that inositol may be useful in treating other mood disorders and neuro-psychological disorders.

Storage Information

Coconut sugar has 2 years shelf life stored in clean and dry place at room temperature.


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