Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance From the Co-op

We offer a 12 month instalment plan to help pay the Share Fee of $365. We want to be able to enable everyone who has interest to join the Co-op, so we do what we can to help.  We have the ability for 5% of our owners to pay off their share on this plan.

If you are interested please submit the financial assistance application form and / or get in touch with us by emailing the membership coordinator

The Co-op is limited in its ability to do offer financial assistance due to the Companies Act legislation.  Which can be read here, relevant parts of the legislation here.

How About Financial Supporting...

Donate Now to help more families become Co-Op owners - we are seeking donations to enable our shop workers and other Harbour residents on limited income to become owners. Household shares are $365 however you can make a donation of any amount towards growing membership to our bank account. Email us if you are interested in providing this support.

Donate Now to enable staff and volunteers to be better supported - those who work at the Co-Op do so because they love it, however our current financial position has made it impossible to pay staff well; most don’t receive the living wage, and those managing the shop just receiving the living wage.  Email us if you are interested in providing this support.

Donate or Sponsor to help develop our shop - Time to up grade our bulk bins and increase our range of products on offer. We wish to aid the reduction of prepackaged items that supports waste to land fill. By buying bulk we can change this out come and bring down the cost of our organic produce to completive prices to the supermarket. We also wish to source ethical grown meet into our store, and to do this we wish to purchase a new freezer, which would also mean we can expand on our vegetarian and vegan frozen produce. Also these two actions will free up more space in the shop for us to introduce another table and chairs to our family, give a yummy place to hang out and have a dandelion coffee or herbal tea alongside a spot of lunch provided by our new lunch menu (currently in the planning stages).  We also have a range of other assets that would be great to purchase.  Email us if you are interested in providing this support.