Meet the Employees

We have a core group of employees to train volunteers, and run the operations, purchasing and accounts for the business.  Meet our dedicated team.

  • Lillee Star

    Shop & Staff Manager

    Lillee's role within the Co-op and her role as a Permaculture designer and educator work is a great union. Her passion expands beyond her home in the Harbour Basin out into the community around NZ.

  • Paola Mastria

    Shop & Finance Manager

    Paola is an experienced Accountant who has also run her own business in Italy. Working at the Harbour Co-op makes her feeling closer to the things she loves: healthy foods, nutrition, fair trade, organic products and people. In the spare time she loves running long distance, yoga and good reading. She is also an Accunect Practioner, a healing system based on ancient wisdom, Traditional Chinese medicine and quantum physics. Her favourite quote? "When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new" - Dalai Lama

  • Gina Papageorge

    Shop Team Member

    ​I love being part of the coop, because it puts the power back into the people and the community. For me it's simple, good food, good people, great for the planet!! I love the planet, like it was my own child, I respect her gifts to us, and our responsibility to her. Now more than ever, we must look after her. Every good thing we do for the planet, is a good thing we do for ourselves and humanity.The Coop is a place where we can work on these principles.

    A little about myself,privately, I like to create, I love to paint, to play, to dance, to write poetry and just be happy. Simple. I am really big on simplicity. The Environment is one of my biggest passions, I sometimes hear her words of wisdom and her call for us, to up our game and to hurry up and protect her. I am equally passionate about animals and all animal life. I am mostly vegetarian, so I am very proud of our shop being a Vegetarian Shop that also caters well for Vegans.....and of course the fair trade aspects of the shop are awesome...the list goes on. Oh, did I mention the fabulous, yummy, healthy organic food....Thats a given!!  and supporting local growers where ever possible : )
  • Bec Harris

    Shop Team Member

    Rebecca is a Lyttelton local who is passionate about eating locally, seasonally and limiting food waste. Her obsession with food and environmentalism also carries over into her preserves business, Sawtooth Kitchen, which is run on a barter system and embraces the local red-zone opportunities for foraging. If not at the store she can usually be found at the beach reading or surfing, or at home cooking and baking. She also loves to share recipes so if you have any questions on what to do with a particular ingredient she will be happy to help!​

  • Lucy Dolan

    Shop Team Member

    I'm passionate about organic food, healthy eating and caring for Papatuanuku with respect. Lyttelton, Whakaraupo, is my home, my kainga, I love this town and I love our local co-op! It's a great place to work, it keeps me in contact with our community, it enables me to buy my delicious organic food with less packaging, whilst supporting local organic growers. I've worked here casually for 7 years, and I've meet some beautiful souls working alongside me.



  • Selena Mantey-Worrall

    Shop Team Member

    These volcanic hills have been my guardians since childhood; I seem somehow to not lose attraction towards them, their ruddy, damp, rocky, golden, dusty and thank goodnessly, edibley weedy appeal.

    I love to forage food, I see living from what one can gather or grow as an absolute part of soul purpose!... as a method of defence against a world order perusing and  as a means to  regenerating our super-natural-power  our instinct and earthly integrity.

    Life modelling is a treasure of mine. Gardening as a constant keeper in a small variety of gardens is another treasure. Bottling, labelling and being generally involved in Wabio kombucha is another treasure.  Concocting scrumptious soul warming soup weekly for the Lyttelton harbour community is another treasure yet, on the horizon.

    I am truly blessed to be placed in the co-op realm; we have a dynamic crew and outrageously good food, true equality and an inspiring vision of growth on board which holistically invites all and their areas of interest on board.