Application Forms and Payments

Sorry to bombard you with emails, but after the earlier one on Friday, I've found out that some people who pre-registered may be a bit confused about whether they need to do anything more.

The purpose of the pre-registration form that you may have filled in on the website was to give us a good idea of the number of people who want to become members. If you filled it in, you are not obliged to actually become a member, but if you do want to become a member, you will now need to fill in the membership application form, and pay the $365 share price.

Unfortunately we can't use an online form for the membership applications, because we need you to sign the form. So you'll need to print the form, sign it, and return it to us by post or by dropping it in at the Lyttel Piko shop in Lyttelton. Payment can be made by cheque or bank deposit. More instructions are included in the application form (at the back of the investment statement): (or pick up a printed copy from Lyttel Piko)

Sorry about any confusion. And please let me know if anything else is unclear.