The Co-op is Registered

Progress Update

It is all coming together, with the Harbour Co-op's registration at the Companies Office having finally come through on Wednesday this week - and that was perfect timing for a little celebration at our first board meeting.

You may be wondering when you get to join and pay your money. We are all keen to get the Harbour Co-op underway as soon as possible, but there is a complex arrangement of legal and administrative hoops we need to jump through first. We have a lot of this sorted out, but unfortunately, there are some parts of the process that are out of our control. Our current timeline, which is very much subject to delays, is as follows:

Create and sign off the constitution DONE
Form a board of directors DONE
Sign various content forms and statutory declarations related to the registration DONE
Register as a co-operative company DONE
Organise a trust account for collecting memberships In progress
Set up a bank account In progress
Write an investment statement DONE
Prepare prospective financial statements for the next 2 years DONE
Write and sign off a prospectus To be signed off by 19 March
Register the prospectus at the Companies Office Planned for 19 March
Publish the prospectus and wait 5 working days for everyone who is interested to consider the proposal Planned for 20 March to 26 March
Prepare the application form In Progress
Start accepting memberships and payments Planned for 27 March

Getting the word out

In the meantime, our marketing is well underway. We are trying to get the word out there to as many people as possible, both in Lyttelton and in the surrounding areas. So far we have had 82 pre-registrations, with about half of those coming from Lyttelton, a quarter from elsewhere in the harbour area, and a quarter from various areas of the city. We have had a couple of articles in local newspapers, have had a flyer drop to households in Lyttelton, and have been distributing flyers at the Lyttelton Market and from the Lyttel Piko shop. Not to mention our online activities - sending out email updates, and publishing information on the website. Next week we will begin distributing flyers further afield. Of course we are trying to keep marketing costs to an absolute minimum, as we don't want to be spending your membership money on these sort of set up costs, so we'd appreciate anything you can do to spread the word to your friends, family, and collegues.