Constitution and Vision

On Wednesday, 8th February, the Steering Committee met again. This time our main topics of discussion were the Co-op's constitution, and vision statement.

We need to provide a constitution in order to register the co-op with the NZ Companies Office, so need to decide on many of the details about how the co-op will be run. Of course this is also the sort of information that potential members will want to know before they purchase a share. Some of the topics discussed in relation to the constitution discussed were:

  • investor returns, and the possibility of using vouchers for rebates
  • classes of shares, including membership shares for individuals or households, membership shares for businesses or organisations, and supporting/investment shares
  • payment options for those who cannot afford to pay $365 up front
  • discounts
  • ensuring that the co-operative principles of autocracy and democracy are adequately provided for in the constitution

We hope to finalise a provisional constitution by the end of the next meeting.

Our reworked mission and values statement has been placed on the Harbour Co-op Vision page.