Constitution & Multistakeholder Co-ops

In our steering committee meeting on 15th Feb we were focused on discussing the Co-op's constitution. Unfortunately were were unable to finalise the constitution, as we need to discuss some of the aspects with our lawyer first, but we have come to an agreement on a majority of the details. We have a meeting with the lawyer this week, so we hope to iron out the remaining issues then. We will then be able to ratify the constitution at the next steering committee meeting.

We also discussed the possibility of making the Harbour Co-op into a multistakeholder co-op in the future, by inviting not only consumers to be involved, but also producers, employees, and so on. While this looks very exciting, we remain focused on a consumer co-op for the moment. For those who are interested, here is some more information about multistakeholder co-ops:

Giulio has resigned from the steering committee due to other commitments. Larkin Summer has joined the committee, and has been sharing her experience of being involved in a large consumer co-op in Ithaca with us.