Membership Launch

Harbour Co-op has come a long way over the last few months. We’ve gone from being a twinkle in an eye to being an incorporated co-operative company. And now that we have lodged our prospectus, we can start accepting memberships from Wednesday 28 March 2012.

To celebrate this milestone, we’re announcing Membership Launch Week.

Beginning Wednesday 28 March, we will be holding a number of activities for all ages and we encourage you to come along to find out what Harbour Co-op is all about, to celebrate with us our progress to date and to have some fun. At all events, we will be accepting membership applications and there will be members of the Board of Directors or the Steering Committee there to answer your questions.

Everybody is welcome to take part. Even if you don’t intend to become a member of Harbour Co-op we’d love to have your support.

The activities we have organised so far include:


All events are held at Lyttel Piko, 12 London Street, Lyttelton.

Meet the Board Information Evening
Music Fairy Extravaganza
Celebration Saturday


Logo Design Competition
Colouring Competition
Poster Competition

Membership Applications

How do I apply?

To make an application, download a copy of our investment statement. This has an application form at the back.

Fill in the application form, arrange your payment (cheque or bank deposit), and return your application form to us. Further instructions are included on the application form.

Where can I get more information?

What happens after I have submitted my application?

We will email you within a week of receiving your application and payment, to let you know that we have received it.

All of the membership payments are held in trust in the Trust Account of the Buddle Findlay law firm, until at least $50,000 of payments have been cleared. The Harbour Co-op does not have access to any of those funds until that minimum amount has been collected, so, until that time, the Harbour Co-op is not able to issue any Shares.

Once $50,000 of share payments have been collected in the trust account, those payments will be released to the Harbour Co-op, and we will issue the Shares. We will also arrange the purchase of the Lyttel Piko business, as soon as possible after the funds become available. You will then be issued with a membership card, and can begin shopping at the Harbour Co-op.