Memberships Update

Lyttel Piko Purchase Deadline

With applications only being open for 3 working days before the original 31st March deadline for the purchase of the Lyttel Piko business, it is impossible for us to meet that deadline, given that cheques take up to 5 working days to clear. So we are currently negotiating with the Te Whanau Trust to extend the deadline. In the meantime, we would really appreciate it if those of you who intend join but haven't done so yet could put in your application as soon as possible.

You can get a copy of the investment statement with the application form at the back here.

Celebration Saturday

Come along to 12 London Street on Saturday and celebrate with us the arrival of Harbour Co-op. The Press Gang (Anita and the Captain) will be providing music from 11.00am. We will be announcing the winners of the poster competition and colouring competition from 1:00pm and providing cake to celebrate.