Monthly Buying Club Highlights

Buying Club Specials:

We’re pleased to present a unique opportunity to our Buying Club. A company called Harm Less Solutions has approached us and offered a great deal on their full range of products including: Organic Cotton/Bamboo Clothing, Fabric, Eco-wood Treatments, and some fantastic DVD’s. “Harm Less Solutions Limited is dedicated to offering you products and advice that helps you improve your life without harmful effects to you, yours or your world. Each of our products has been chosen based on its environmentally benign profile and its cost effectiveness”.

Their full catalogue can be viewed at:

Download a complete Buying Club price list: PDF.

As with all of our Buying Club offers, this is a pre-order, pre-pay system. Please have a good look at the website and then fill in the spreadsheet and return to us. Please come in the shop and have a look at our fabric and garment samples. We need to reach a minimum quantity to be able to place this order, so get in ASAP!