Progress to date

A quick summary of what has happened so far, in the progress of forming the Harbour Co-op:

  • A survey has been conducted to gauge the level of interest in the community for forming a food co-op.
  • Conditions for purchasing Lyttel Piko have been agreed with the Te Whanau trust.
  • Some public meetings were held to get further feedback from the community about what we would like to see in the co-op.
  • Based on the level of community support from the survey and public meetings, forming a co-op has been judged to be a feasible project.
  • Volunteers from the public meetings formed the steering committee, which has been meeting weekly.
  • Ray Blake has accepted the position of co-op lawyer on a pro-bono basis.
  • A public talk about co-operatives was given by a representative of the New Zealand Cooperatives Association. The talk was attended by most of the steering committee members, as well as other members of the public.

So far, the steering committee has met twice. The following is a summary of our actions so far:

  • The name for the co-op has been decided on.
  • A secretary and treasurer have been appointed.
  • The Harbour Co-op has signed up for provisional membership with the New Zealand Cooperatives Association
  • A one-off ownership investment of $365 per household/individual has been agreed on.
  • An initial set of financial membership benefits have been agreed on.
  • A membership coordination sub-committee has been formed, and has begun work on a membership brochure.
  • This website has been set up.