Tell your friends

Over 40 of you have pre-registered to become Co-op members so far – thanks so much for your support!

As the time when we start accepting applications draws closer, having a good number of people pre-registered is going to be vital, to give us, and the Te Whanau Trust that we are purchasing the Lyttel Piko business from, the confidence to go ahead.

But we are trying to keep our set-up costs to an absolute minimum – we don’t want to spend your membership payments on marketing and other set up costs. So we need your help to spread the word about the Harbour Co-op when you are talking with your friends, family, and colleagues.

The main points about our membership offer are:

  1. We are forming the co-op to purchase the Lyttel Piko Wholefoods store in Lyttelton, which will otherwise be closed.
  2. Anyone who shops at the Co-op store can become a member of the Co-op by purchasing a household share for $365, and becoming a part-owner in the business.
  3. Members vote for the board of directors, have a say in how the shop is run, and are eligible for various benefits such as discounts, and possibly rebates.
  4. After two years (or sooner under certain circumstances) you can redeem your ownership share to get your $365 back, provided that the Co-op is in a suitable financial position to pay you out.
  5. We won’t be accepting applications until you have had a chance to look over our prospectus and investment statement (coming soon).

Anyone who is interested can visit our website for more information, and contact us by emailing or dropping by the Lyttel Piko shop on London Street to talk to someone, if they have any questions.

And if you are intending to become a member, but haven’t yet pre-registered, please fill in our pre-registration form to let us know. By pre-registering, you are under no obligation to purchase a share – it just helps us get a better idea of the number of people interested.

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