Membership Update

With membership applications having been open for almost 2 weeks now, we have raised about $27,000 so far. This is just over half of the money we need to purchase the Lyttel Piko business.If you are thinking about joining the Co-op but haven't done so yet, please get your application in to us as soon as possible - the sooner that we raise $50,000, the sooner we can purchase the Lyttel Piko business and start trading as the Harbour Co-op. If you need an application form and investment statement, you can download a copy here, or pick up a copy at the Lyttel Piko shop. If you have any questions, email us at, or drop by the Lyttel Piko shop for a chat.

Our goal had originally been to raise the funds by the end of March, but since we weren't able to start accepting applications until just a few days before the end of the month, it was impossible to meet that deadline. We have discussed this with the owners of the Lyttel Piko business, and they have agreed to extend the time that we have to raise the funds.

If you have already put in an application, thanks for your support. Your money will be kept in our lawyer's trust account until we have reached the $50,000 target. If we do not meet the $50,000 target by the end of July 2012, the lawyers will refund your payment to you; otherwise, when we have raised $50,000, the lawyers will then release the funds to us and we will issue your shares, purchase the Lyttel Piko business, and start operating the Harbour Co-op.